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August 28 Greg Reith with Heartland Farms

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

September Students of the Month

Today's meeting was our Student of the Month Presentation. Neal did another outstanding job presenting the awards to the following students:

Skyler Almquist - Desert Hills High School
Skylar Schone -Pine View High School
Max Cox - Millcreek High School
Stephanie Hauck - Dixie High School
C.J. Bott - Tuacahn High School
Cody Patterson -Snow Canyon High School

Next weeks meeting is our Business Meeting followed by the Bluff Street Park Pavilion dedication, be there or be square!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Give a Kid a Flag to Wave

Our annual Give a Kid a Flag to Wave event was on Friday September 18th during the Children's Parade for the Dixie Round Up Rodeo. Last year we wore a bright yellow t-shirt to the parade in hopes of bringing better recognition to the club. But, this year we stepped it up to a whole new level by actually being in the parade and teaming up with BACA. The parade announcers at each block corner announced the club and BACA's presence in the parade was to bring awareness to Child Abuse. And it sounded like the crowds responded well. We had our banners for the club and for the Mayors Walk. We had some club members wearing our ever lovely yellow t-shirts and others wearing the new Mayors Walk t-shirts and handed out over 1,200 flags. Due to lack of participation from club members, those handing out flags couldn't keep up with the banners and fell behind a few parade entries. I think we can do better next year with more members participating and possibly create a new banner that states: Give a Kid a Flag to Wave! the Exchange Club and BACA teaming up against Child Abuse! or something like that. Your feed back and input at our next business meeting would be very helpful.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dixie State College

Today's speaker was Dixie State College President Stephen Nadauld. After suffering through our horseplay, bad jokes, and fines, he presented to us an overview of Dixie's progress and vision for the future.

Some of the highlights of his presentation include:
- 25% enrollment growth Fall 2009
- estimated student enrollment for 2012 is 10,000
- 35,000 participants in the community college courses
- Centenial Commons, 200,000 square feet, $48 million dollars, will become the academic hub of campus. It will be located south of the Gardner Center
- Pavilion and volleyball courts anticipated to be placed between the encampment mall and institute building

Congratulations to Bill Hudson who survived the Primary Election in Washington City. Bill is running for one of the City Council positions. Good luck in the General election!

Today's Know Your Exchangite was Tom Bayles. Tom is an attorney for Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe. That is not correct, I wanted to see if anyone was actually reading my post. Tom is an attorney for Jenkins Ronnow Jensen & Bayles. In his spare time, he and his family tend to the farm animals (sheep and horses).

Next weeks meeting will be our September Student of the Month program.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mayors Walk and Give a Kid a Flag

Today's meeting was spent discussing upcoming events and meetings.

Mayors Walk - Ralph gave us an update. The Bluff Street Pavilion is near completion. The hats and shirts are ready to be picked up. A sign up sheet was passed out and has now been emailed out to make sure we are covered for Friday and Saturday.

Give a Kid a Flag to Wave - Kevin has ordered over 1,400 flags that we will give out on September 18th at 5pm during the Children's Parade. We are arranging to be in the parade this year and be combined with BACA, to bring better awareness to Child Abuse Prevention. We will need a good turn out with some wearing the Exchange Club Yellow t-shirts and others wearing the Mayors Walk t-shirts.

Upcoming events, speakers, and Know Your Exchangite have been updated at the top of the blog. Please be aware of those dates in Orange. They are not part of our weekly meetings.