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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Business Meeting: Change of Venue

Today's meeting started with our KYE Jeff Bushnell. Some interesting facts about Jeff: raised in Cedar City until about 12, grew up on a ranch/farm, and is a BYU grad. Which brings up the new poll that you will see to the right, be sure to submit your response.

The main discussion for today's business meeting was our weekly meetings. The Courtyard informed us of their rate increase starting September 1st and it became clear that we could no longer continue our weekly meetings at the Courtyard. They expressed have acknowledged the difficulty that would place on our club and have expressed their appreciation for us using their services. But recognized the fact that we may not be able to continue meeting at their location.

So, we discussed the various possibilities including meeting every other week, and meeting without a meal. In the end, the consensus was that it was important to have a weekly meeting and that food served an important role for many of the members to continue their activity in the club. A vote was taken and it was agreed to continue with a weekly meeting, but to change our location to the Fairway Grill, which will slightly reduce the meal expense for the club.

This change will start with next weeks meeting and will be in effect until the end of the year when it will be reviewed again.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Red Storm Football

Today's guest speakers are coaches of Dixie State College Football team, Jim Eggleston, Director of Football Operations and Scott Brumfield, Offensive Coordinator. They gave us great preview to this year's team and coaching staff. The football program has come a long way and they are excited about where it is today and the program that has been built up. They expressed appreciation for the support they have gotten from the community. They have been having their training camp this week and tonight, August 20th, is their final scrimmage, everyone is welcome to come and watch.

Their first home game is August 27th against Adams State College, kick off is at 7:05pm.

Click here to view this year's schedule

Click here to view this year's roster

There is a golf tournament on August 29th for the Dixie State College Athletic Program. Contact Chocolate Thunder, aka Vasu, for details to sign up (669-2297).

Our Know Your Exchangite today was Dale Larkin, what can you say about Dale? He did explain that all his life his birth certificate showed him as the first born of the twins, his mom had that fixed when he was about 40. We think she just got nervous that Derrill wouldn't get his inheritance and that Dale certainly didn't deserve it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

School of Life Foundation

Today's meeting was an enlightening experience. We started the morning with classical music playing in the background, in an attempt to create a more educational, uplifting experience, thank you Jack. However, we are not sure if the effects of the music helped or not, but it was a valid attempt.

Our speaker was Jake Rolfe, President with the School of Life Foundation. He was accompanied by Jeff Tuscano, Director of Donor Participation and Program Development. This foundation was created in St George about two years ago. They developed a curriculum to help youth find happiness and give them a better chance and advantage at life.

The workbook titled Learn to "School" your Toughest Opponent is the manual used for this training and enlightenment.

The book contains a 10 step formula on how to obtain success, peace, and happiness in the "School of Life". Each step is an "A" with a simple homework assignment. For example the first "A" is Appreciation. Learn how having gratitude in your life can impact you in many ways. Your homework to achieve this "A" is sending a thank you message to someone every week!

Appreciate, Assist, Attitude, Aim, Associate, Align, Action, Avoid, Adapt, Always

There efforts have reached over 15,000 youth. They are working with over 100 organizations local, national, and international to help youth succeed in life. They are beginning to work with Boys and Girls Club of America, which will expand their national reach to all 50 states. Jack and Jeff gave us a complimentary copy of their book with an invitation to teach a youth.

For more information:
visit their website (click here)
call Jack at 435-632-2947
call Jeff at 435-229-1246

Our Know Your Exchangite today was Officer Neal Smith, Southern Utah Behavior Health Center, 474 W 200 N, St George, Utah, 634-5600 (in case you couldn't remember). Our Iowan, Santa, Police Chief, joke telling, Okoboji member of the club. He set a new standard for our Know Your Exchangite presentation.

Don't miss next week's meeting with Dixie State Football Coaches.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Original Club Roster (dated 5/17/1974)

Tony Allen
Don Basile
Martin Bonadurer
Allan Carter
Dean Christensen
Al Decarlo
Carl Delight
Mike Dobson
Martin Empy
Randy Frisch
Arthur Hale
Johnny Johnson
Derrill Larkin
Ronald Lemon
James McArthur
Dale Melville
Kenneth Metcalf
Brent Price
Richard Pead
Bruce Rigby
Floyd Rigby
Tom Robinson
Doyle Sampson Jr.
Ted Spillsbury
Ronald Thompson
John Witney

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Past Club Presidents

4/1/1974 Floyd Rigby
7/1/1974 Derrill C. Larkin
7/1/1975 Kenneth Olsen
7/1/1976 Jerry Atkins
6/1/1977 Raymond Padratzik
8/1/1977 Raymond Padratzik
5/1/1978 Gregory A. Kemp
5/1/1979 Ralph J. Atkin
6/1/1980 Mervyn Bennion III
9/1/1981 Douglas A. Belliston
9/1/1982 Kent Garrett
9/1/1983 Ross Hurst
9/1/1984 Phil Andrus
9/1/1985 Rick Bentley
9/1/1986 LaMond Syphus
9/1/1987 Kenneth L. Schone
5/1/1988 Kenneth L. Schone
9/1/1988 Ed Sappington
9/1/1989 Mervyn Bennion III
9/1/1990 David Watson
9/1/1991 Kent D. Peterson
9/1/1992 Paula O'Bell
9/1/1993 John R. Mahon
9/1/1994 Don Shelline
7/1/1995 David K. Mathis
7/1/1996 Leon Maxwell
7/1/1997 James E. Slemboski
7/1/1998 James E. Slemboski
7/1/1999 Sandee Holbrook
7/1/2000 Kelly N. Parker
7/1/2001 Leina Frazier
7/1/2002 Ralph Flanagan
7/1/2003 David T. Hawk Jr.
7/1/2004 Stephen M. Nelson
7/1/2005 Roger K. Eves
7/1/2006 Jason C. Eyre
7/1/2007 H. Wayne Everett
7/1/2008 Ryan Robison

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Business Meeting

Today's meeting was a business meeting.
Wayne Everett, today's Know Your Exchangite, shared a historic BYU UofU game that he felt Jinks needed to know about.

Fund-raising Committee recommended a number of possibilities for fund-raising, with the goal of having it simple, once a year, and have a good chance of raising $15,000 or more. Some suggestions were:
1) Photo Shoot with Iron Man (5/2010), and an additional Mayors Walk with Iron Man
2) A Cruise
3) Raffle off an exotic car
4) Annual Radiothon
5) Encourage trust/will donations to Club Foundation
6) Annual New Year's Exotic German Hof Brau Luncheon
7) Bowling Tournament

Membership Committee is looking for photos from all club members that can be used in a promotional DVD that will be presented to City Council, Chamber of Commerce, and used as a recruiting tool. Also, an email will be coming soon asking for everyone's response to thought provoking questions the will help identify what it is that brought you into the exchange club and what drives you to remain a member of the club. These responses will be valuable to help others connect with us and join the club. Members will be asked to recruit one member by a yet to be determined deadline (ie December 31). More details will be in an upcoming email.

Mayor's Walk: Corporate Sponsors this year are The Yellow Book and State Bank of Southern Utah. Scones will be provided by Staheli Catering, they will also provide canopy covering if needed, inspired by last years rain. The new Bluff Street Gazebo should be completed in time. Volunteers will be needed for our booth at the Dixie Center and then the morning of the St. George Marathon at both the Bluff Street Park and the Vernon Worthen Park.