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Monday, January 28, 2013

Images of Faith



Although Lynne Clark went through many health struggles, she was able to complete ‘Images of Faith’ which has pictures and history of the Southern Utah Region that have rarely been seen or heard. The trials and struggles the early settlers went through are unbelievable and are depicted in-depth throughout Lynne’s incredible work in her book. As Lynne put it, St. George used to be a place early settlers dreaded, and today it has become a destination location to live thanks in large part to the settlers of this region and their efforts to make Southern Utah inhabitable. The work put into ‘Images of Faith’ is incredible. Thank you Lynne!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

SouthWest Vision

Our fellow Exchangite, Dr. Ryan Robison, discussed issues with the eyes and made all of us cringe a few times when he went into detail about how to deal with various issues of the eye. St. George is a very dry climate and can cause some issues with dry eyes, so Dr. Robison mentioned ways to relieve dry eyes. Other things were mentioned, but no need for further details. All that matters is Dr. Robison and SouthWest Vision have a great team that can take care of your eyes’ needs.