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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today's speaker was Phil Tuckett and Lani Puriri. Lani is the Marketing Manager with CMI at Dixie State College. She Explained some of the background in getting Phil Tuckett to join DSC and introduced him to the club. Phil Tuckett is the Festival Director for DOCUtah. Phil is an associate professor at Dixie State College and the director of the Dick Nourse Center for Media Innovation. He is also the director of the digital film track in the communication department. Prior to coming back to his alma mater to teach, Phil was vice president of special projects at NFL Films for 21 years.

DOCUtah had 487 films submitted from 36 countries. 134 Films were selected for this first annual international documentary film festival, lasting 9 days with 4 outdoor screenings.

DOCUtah has its Gala Night at Tuacahn on September 16th. The audience will then watch part one of Helen Whitney’s latest documentary, “Forgiveness.” Award-winning filmmaker, Helen Whitney, will be a featured guest at this event. Her film, “Forgiveness”, is a two-part, four-hour PBS documentary special featuring intimate and emotional stories of great wrongdoings and the struggle to find the strength for forgiveness. With emotional rawness the films challenge our psychological and ethical assumptions that it is always best to forgive, and that those who embrace anger are lesser for it. Among the more personal stories of the film: A survivor of a gruesome attempted murder who single-handedly tracks down her assailant and a penitent 60’s radical on the run for more than 30 years for murder who must face her victim’s widow.

Part two of “Forgiveness” will be screened on Friday, September 17th at 7 p.m. at the Dolores DorĂ© Eccles Fine Arts Center Mainstage Theater on the Dixie State College campus.

For more details on this film and many more go to the DOCUtah website.

Our Know your Exchangite today was Tom Bayles. Tom has been a member of the Exchange since February 2009. His birthday is December 6th. Tom is a Dixie State College Alumni and moved to St. George in 1998. When I googled the name Tom Bayles, this is the first picture that showed up. (Seriously, I don't make this stuff up!)

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