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Thursday, October 28, 2010

October Students of the Month

Today's meeting was our Student of the Month. It was an extra special presentation thanks to a surprise visit from Harry (the monster).
Left to right
Bill Hudson, Club President; Regina Grogan, Snow Canyon High School, daughter of Dara A. Tancredi; Stephen Nielsen, Millcreek High School, son of Ann Barry; Bianca Alverd, Pine View High School, daughter of Angela Canfield and Tony Alverd; Nathan Hunt, Dixie High School, son of Christena Hunt; and Victoria Graff, Tuacahn High School, daughter of Ken & Kerrie Graff.

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  1. Dr. Ryan: we need a contact button up front with a direct email link for contact via email with the club in addition to the telephone and fax numbers. Also, we ought to have buttons for a SGEC Brochure, a membership application, a list of committees to sign up for when joining, and a link to a separate page for the Foundation. Just some thoughts. I can find an application card or form anywhere on the site or blog and that is something we really ought to have readily available, along with a breakdown of dues and initial initiation fee or whatever it is called, and a little sheet or letter or something like that explaining what the Foundation is and how to make contributions. JINKS your humble legal Savant ahhhh servant. :)