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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CAP Flyer and Time Out Teddy

Since our beginnings in 1911, Exchange Club members have worked tirelessly to make their communities better places to live through community service, Americanism projects, and youth programs. Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) became the National Project of Exchange Clubs in 1979, a decision of the delegates to the 61st National Exchange Club Convention. At that time, our Foundation was created to help local clubs establish community-based programs to work with at-risk parents. Today, the National Exchange Club Foundation (NECF) oversees numerous prevention programs, helps local Exchange Clubs develop and maintain community-based child abuse prevention programs, and supports Exchange's Program of Service, which includes Youth Programs, Americanism, and Community Service.

The National Exchange Club Foundation provides a variety of public awareness materials, designed to help inform and increase awareness of child abuse and how it can be prevented. Such projects are implemented through Exchange Clubs and Exchange Club CAP Centers across the country.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month – The NECF endorses the month of April each year as National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The NECF produces materials for Exchange Clubs and CAP Centers to use during April, providing public awareness project ideas, public relations information, promotional materials and community involvement suggestions.

On April 4, 2011 the St. George Exchange Club kicked off the awareness of Child Abuse Prevention Month by donating 25 “Time Out” Teddy Bears to the Children’s Justice Center, along with 40 “Time Out” Teddy posters to the Washington County School District for their schools. The National Exchange Club Foundation has adopted Time Out Teddy as its national spokes bear to carry the message of good parenting across America.

Following this presentation the club has also organized and printed 65,000 Child Abuse Prevention flyers listing community resources for children and family in our area. Of the 65,000 flyers, 26,000 will be sent home with school children and the remaining flyers distributed throughout the rest of the county.

Co-sponsors of the CAP Flyer Project are left to right:

Bob Green, Washington County School District
Logan Reid, Southwest Behavioral Health Center’s Prevention Team
Brian Tenney, TenneyClemonsSaarelainen Advertising
Patricia Scheffield, Children’s Justice Center
Tom Bayles, President-Elect St. George Exchange Club
Jinks Dabney, St. George Exchange Club Foundation
Not Pictured: Neal Smith St. George Exchange Club CAP Flyer Project Committee Chair

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