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Thursday, June 9, 2011

BLM Fire Management

Thanks to Mark Rosenthal the Fire Management Officer for the BLM Arizona Strip District, for his presentation this morning.

The snowpack in our area has been almost 400% of normal which has allowed a great amount of grasses and growth in the area, which is what fires need to thrive. Weather projections show hotter than normal temps and low humidity for this summer. These conditions would be similar to what we experienced in 2005, which was an extreme fire season.Small fires have already been popping up in our area almost daily, with the conditions forecasted those fires could easily become large very quickly.

It's vitally important that all residents in our area clean up all the dry growth around their homes in order to keep your home safe from fires.

Most of the equipment used to fight fires in this area are stationed in our local area. Planes and helicopters are stationed in Cedar City and Mesquite. The ability to bring additional resources from outside our area can and will be done when needed. Much of what is dropped by the planes and copters are suppressants that slows the growth of the fire.

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