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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our guest speaker this morning was Kent Perkins from the City of St. George Leisure Services Department. Every year for 35 years the Exchange Club has invited Kent to speak to the club about the upcoming St. George Marathon which is now in its 35th year. Kent noted that club member, Wayne Everett, has run the marathon for 25 years of the 35. Quite impressive, Mr. Everett!
Kent took the opportunity this morning to acknowledge what our club has done throughout the years for the St. George community. He thanked the club for the $5,000 donation we give each year to the tree farm. He asked the question: What would St. George look like without it's trees? Just another Barstow or Mesquite?" He reminded the club of it's involvement in "re-greening" the community and thanked us for the significant part we play in that legacy.
Kent further noted the pavilions, gazebos, and playgrounds the Exchange Club has helped build. He reminded us that the Exchange Club, in its early days, was noted for "the great projects it supported and Thursday afternoon golf." We are still involved in "great projects" and Kent explained that he had some ideas for the club to consider to further our activity in this tradition.
The Leisure Services Department has several ideas and dreams for future projects. An "all-abilities park" is a concept where children can play in shallow sand and water riverways or where play areas are designed specifically for children in wheelchairs or with autism. Villages and towns would be created within the park for all ages and all abilities. Ideas were shared about "high-tech electronic playgrounds" targeting teenagers where they can engage with the technology that is so much a part of their lives and increase their fitness at the same time. This would all come with lights and music and sound - perfect for tweens and teens.
Other ideas were to beautify and enhance our Town Square with arbors and more water features, improve the quality of our ball fields, contribute to the Nature Center where a Tree House is being built, create a Children's Museum, and upgrade our trail systems with water stops, markers, or sitting benches for a scenic rest along the way.

It was a morning of remembering just how much the Exchange Club really does as well as creating some stimulating ideas for future projects.

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