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Thursday, February 7, 2013

School of Life

The School of Life Foundation is committed to the social, moral, and character development of youth. Jeff Sherman from School of Life Foundation discussed the importance of reaching out to the Youth. Youth are put down too often and deal with negativity frequently. We need to never stop believing in them. As Jeff said “Revel in the achievement of others. Make it a big deal! Celebrate it!”. Don’t stand on the sidelines and assume somebody else will help out another person who is struggling, be that person who lifts them up. A good way to begin each day with success is to read a quote or article that is positive, then make your bed every morning. That way, as Jeff put it, you have already started off the day succeeding at something. It may seem small, but you completed a task that should have been done. Otherwise, you fail twice because you didn’t make your bed in the morning and you go to bed that night knowing you didn’t make your bed.

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