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Thursday, April 9, 2009

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Today's speaker was Patricia Sheffield. She is the director at the Washington County Children's Justice Center. She gave us surprising statistics for child abuse in our area and reported on their efforts at the Children's Justice Center, which they have now been in for almost 1 full year. For more information about the Children's Justice Center visit their website.

She also informed us about some events they are doing during the month of April (Child Abuse Prevention Month):
Vasu Mudliar (today's Know Your Exchangite) and Patricia Sheffield (Director of the Children's Justice Center

Note that they are holding pinwheels. A new Campaign has begun with Prevent Child Abuse America, the theme is Pinwheels for Prevention. Click on the pinwheel for more information.

On a personal note, whenever I hear "Children's Justice Center", I always have this visual in my mind of the Justice League and the Hall of Justice. I guess I never really did grow up. But the message is clear on that level also. Thank you Patricia for your presentation this morning and to those who work so hard at prevention and intervention of child abuse.

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