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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Give Me Liberty!

Today's presentation was Santa Clara Elementary's 5th graders. There were 8 students there to represent the 24 students who passed off the Give Me Liberty Program, which includes 12 items for them to memorize and demonstrate to their teacher. This morning they presented the Pledge of Allegiance in sign language, the National Anthem, the Gettysburg Address, sections of the Declaration of Independence, States and Capitals, Presidents of the United States, and facts about our American Flag. This was an impressive sight. These kids have really applied themselves and worked hard to pass all this off. A special thank you to teachers Mrs. Simkins and Mrs. Fletcher as well as Principal Peterson for sharing your dedicated students with us this morning.

from left to right back row: Mrs. Petersen, Shaylee Reed, Zack Salmon, Antonio Diaz, Jamie Brown, Mrs. Simkins
Front row: Allyson Terry, Brody Payzant, Jared Benson, Megan Amundsen, Mrs. Fletcher

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