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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

(CM)² = Clean Mouth, Clean Mind

by Stephen Anderson
District Representative for Student of the Year

I like to stay busy. I enjoy helping others and having as much of a good impact as I can. I am an Eagle Scout and Student Body President of Pine View High School. I am very proud of both those accomplishments. But, I have an accomplishment I am even more proud of.

When I started football I noticed the crude language that was being used by some of the kids on the team. I talked to my parents and through that discussion I realized that how you speak reflects what you think and from there I came up with the idea of “Clean Mouth, Clean Mind” or (CM)². I felt that (CM)² would be a simple reminder of what morals we could all strive to keep. I started by making wristbands that I passed out to my friends. Others asked after them and soon the idea caught fire and now there is a website,, and members in over 20 states and 5 countries. There are also t-shirts, rings and hats. (CM)² continues to grow and my hope is that it will help make this world a nicer place to live as we strive to live by “the code”.