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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Southwest Behavioral Health Center

Today's speaker was Michael Cain, Associate Director at Southwest Behavioral Health Center and Ryan Forbes, Program Cordinator for Independent House.The southwestern region of Utah has experienced enormous growth over the past decade. Many of the social support systems, long a part of Utah tradition, have been stressed by growing issues of mental illness, substance abuse, child abuse, youth crime, and lack of housing. The collective impact has left families and communities struggling to find answers with limited fiscal and professional capacity.

The county commissions of Washington, Kane, Garfield, Beaver and Iron Counties have joined with the State of Utah to create Southwest Center for the provision of comprehensive mental health and substance abuse services. Southwest Center is proud to be a member of a strong human service delivery system which is helping our communities to address very difficult individual, family, and community problems.

The Southwest Center is committed to continuing the partnership with our communities to insure a healthy and drug free future for Southern Utah's citizens.

The mission of Southwest Center is to promote, restore, and maintain well being by providing treatment, education, and advocacy services appropriate to the mental health and substance abuse needs of our communities. All services will be consumer oriented, collaborative and performed in a quality manner.

Prizes were also drawn at the end of the meeting, the winners are: Mark Loosli, Tom Bayles, Ralph Flanagan, and June McAfee. Congrats!

Click here to visit their website.

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