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Saturday, October 3, 2009

23rd Annual Mayor's Walk Another Successful Event

"Great solar rays . . . what a day for a walk!" said this year's Mayor's Walk t-shirts designed by Duane Derfler at YESCO Signs. The colorful Solar Man shirts, distributed to hundreds of walkers honored Bart Anderson, southern Utah's beloved historian and hike leader; and Stephen Nelson, a well-respected member of St. George Exchange Club, both who passed away this year. In the cold darkness of Saturday morning, October 3, more than a dozen hearty members of St. George Exchange Club were on hand to kick off the 23rd Annual St. George Mayor’s Walk, as part of the activities of the St. George Marathon. Though the crowd - including business people, school mates, friends, families and lots of dogs - was much smaller than usual, they were no less enthusiastic as St. George City Mayor Dan McArthur sounded the horn at 7 a.m. at Bluff Street Park and led approximately 800 walkers of every age to the finish line at Vernon Worthen Park - only slightly ahead of the winning wheelchair racer.

By the end of the walk, SGE-ites Ralph Flanagan (in his first year as chair of the Mayor's Walk event), Ed Sappington, Neal Smith, Jinx Dabney, Dale Larkin, Mark Loosli, Tim Floyd, Wayne Everett, Tom Bayles, Jeff Buchnell, Floyd Holm, Kathy Martin, Vasu Mudliar and Ryan Robison, SGE's immediate past president picked up their gear and relocated to Vernon Worthen Park to set up for the onslaught of hungry walkers seeking their anticipated prize of a hot scone with honey butter after a 2.12 mile walk with the Singing Mayor!

Over the years, the Mayor's Walk has become a popular tradition in St. George City for walkers of all ages . . . and a lucrative annual fundraiser for St. George Exchange Club for support of numerous community projects throughout the year.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this another successful event!

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