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Thursday, October 29, 2009

October Students of the Month

Today's meeting was our Student of the Month program. Neal Smith took it to new heights with his Halloween questions about their favorite costume and if they knew any tricks. Neal's signature trick for this holiday is to say the alphabet backwards (had to be there, ask him to show you if you missed it). We saw two other tricks. I believe both tricks came from Monica. First, was having Neal close his eyes and then she went and sat down (the classic disappearing act, it was very well done). The second, and vote all-around best trick, was the response to Neal's question about which college she planned on attending. The answer... University of Iowa! Wow, did that have Neal going, it had the rest of us rolling on the ground (almost), pretty funny stuff.

Left to right
• Tim Floyd, Club President
• Tawni Durrant - Desert Hills High School
• Katie Lounsbury - Snow Canyon High School
• April Curtis - Millcreek High School
• Monica Erickson - Tuacahn High School
• Hailey Shepherd - Dixie High School

See you next week for our business meeting.

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