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Thursday, November 5, 2009

November Business Meeting

Today's meeting was our monthly business meeting. We started with our Know Your Exchangite, which was Virginius 'Jinks' Dabney, Attorney at Law. One interesting thing about Jinks is he learned to snow ski at age 42 and has been in love with it since (all these many years now). Click here for more information about Jinks.

Today's Guests: Danny Wittwer, Abby Inn (club sponser: Tom Bayles)

Business Meeting Items:

Induction of new club members - Patricia Sheffield, Children's Justice Center. Welcome to the club Patricia

SUPAF - click here for the upcoming schedule
We need all club members to be active in seeking donations for this years festival. We are asking each club member to raise at least $200. This can been done by the club member business and/or by seeking out businesses and individuals who would like to be a donor. An official letter and donation form will be sent out in the coming weeks.

New Member Drive - All club members have been asked to seek out and invite a prospective club member. Club growth is critical for successful and ongoing service. The next two meetings would be ideal for inviting someone to come to our breakfast meeting. Also, see the schedule at the top of the blog for upcoming meetings.

Give Me Liberty - More information is needed about a started kit for schools. Kathy will try contacting Jeremy Larkin. If anyone knows where to order a started kit please let Kathy know.

Tree Planting - As far as anyone knows we are on track for Arbor Day tree planting (Apr 30, 2010). I believe we had our tree planting activity on Saturday following Arbor Day. Wayne or Tim will be getting with Kent Perkins at the city to find out more.

Mayor's Walk - What did and didn't work for this years Mayor's Walk?
Did: the new pavilion, Staheli Catering, honey butter.
Didn't: sprinklers (technically they did work, but they didn't work for the Mayor's Walk), powder sugar, butter, honey, everyone eating half of the scones we made.
Feel free to add to this list by posting your observations of what did or didn't work.

See you next week for our speaker Mary Sanders, Beehive Cottages and KYE: Bill Hudson

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