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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bull Riding

Today's speaker was Brent Shakespeare, with Edward Jones. Brent gave us some background on where the stock market has been and where it is today. He did a lot of comparisons between today's market and the market back in during the Great Depression (Ed was a valuable resource for this meeting). Here are some of the comparisons between then and now:

25% vs 9.5% unemployment
30% vs 2-3% GDP
28% vs 15% National Deficit

Also, Brent gave us a Top 10 List that he discussed in detail. For those of you who missed it, here is the Top 10 Reasons to Be a Long-term Bull:

1. The economy is bruised, but it’s not broken.
2. It’s not the Great Depression.
3. Debt/deficits won’t crush the economy.
4. 50% drops historically have been an opportunity.
5. The government continues to support the financial system.
6. Stock valuation is compelling.
7. Inflation is under control.
8. When you feel bad, it can be good.
9. Good performance often follows bad.
10. You still have long-term goals you are trying to achieve.

He also shared with us the most dangerous words you will ever hear..
"We are from the Government, and we are here to HELP!"

Today's Know Your Exchangite was Brian Tenney, he gave us an update on his Cow Calling competition and we were lucky to have a live demonstration, thanks a lot Brian.

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