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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crash Course on the Club Blog

Today's meeting was a presentation on the club blog. Our past president, Ryan Robison, demonstrated many of the features of the blog. Although our web connection was slow, the presentation may still have been too fast for some of the club members (based on the glossy looks on their faces). Here are some points we focused on:
  • Upcoming Speakers/Events - this is an up to date list of our future meetings. If anyone is trying to arrange a speaker, they can look at this and know when we have openings. At the bottom is a link that takes you to 2007 to present list of our speakers.
  • Community Projects - this is on the right side of the page and at the top. This has links to websites and blogs for our different projects.
  • Meeting Time and Location - this is on the right side of the page below Community Projects. This was added to be a helpful resource for both our guest speakers and prospective members.
  • Submit Photos to the Club Blog - this is at the bottom of the right side column. If anyone has pictures they have taken from any of our projects or activities, you can email them to the email address shown and they will be added to our club photo album.
  • Adding Posts and Comments - we didn't get to spend much time on this. But, I wanted to make sure everyone knew that they are invited to add posts about club projects and activities, as well as add comments to any of the posts.
An email will be sent out later today inviting all club members to be part of the blog. The goal is to have active participation from several club members. All of our committees should have someone posting for that committee. (for instance, it would be great if Neal or Brian did a post for each of the Student of the Month weeks).

For those who would like to be involved in the blog but need some help to get started please let Bill Hudson or Ryan Robison know, we would be happy to help.

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