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Thursday, July 2, 2009

New President's Inaugural Meeting!

Today's meeting was a historic moment for newly inducted President Tim Floyd. When asked afterwords how he felt the meeting went, he responded "This is easier than the last president made it look. I don't know why I didn't sign up for this sooner!"

A business meeting was conducted where several issues where discussed (dues, golf tournament, other fund raisers, and membership). Two new committee (ie Task Forces) were organized based on these discussions, a Fund Raising Committee and a Membership Committee. Initially, Ed and Jinks were assigned to both, but those present wanted to see these committee succeed, so the following committee members were assigned:

Fund Raising - Jinks, Ed, June, Kevin, Vasu, and Derral
Membership - Brian, Tim, Ryan, Tom, and Dale

The Fund Raising Committee will evaluate our current fund raising activities and brainstorm on other possible activities that could be more helpful. They should be meeting together over the next few weeks and report back to the club at our next business meeting (Aug 6th).

The membership Committee will work on a short DVD that can be used as an overview of what the St George Exchange Club does and why support is necessary. It is a presentation that will be given to both the City Council and the Chamber of Commerce. They will also discuss ways to increase club membership. They will also meet over the next few weeks and report back at our next business meeting.

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