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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Business Meeting: Change of Venue

Today's meeting started with our KYE Jeff Bushnell. Some interesting facts about Jeff: raised in Cedar City until about 12, grew up on a ranch/farm, and is a BYU grad. Which brings up the new poll that you will see to the right, be sure to submit your response.

The main discussion for today's business meeting was our weekly meetings. The Courtyard informed us of their rate increase starting September 1st and it became clear that we could no longer continue our weekly meetings at the Courtyard. They expressed have acknowledged the difficulty that would place on our club and have expressed their appreciation for us using their services. But recognized the fact that we may not be able to continue meeting at their location.

So, we discussed the various possibilities including meeting every other week, and meeting without a meal. In the end, the consensus was that it was important to have a weekly meeting and that food served an important role for many of the members to continue their activity in the club. A vote was taken and it was agreed to continue with a weekly meeting, but to change our location to the Fairway Grill, which will slightly reduce the meal expense for the club.

This change will start with next weeks meeting and will be in effect until the end of the year when it will be reviewed again.

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